18C_Food and drink_Hanh Tran Bich_March, 4th 2011

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18C_Food and drink_Hanh Tran Bich_March, 4th 2011

Bài gửi  hanh89hn on Fri Mar 04, 2011 4:16 pm

Student's name: Hanh Tran Bich
Class: TN18C
Hanoi, 04/03/2011

Dear Mr Viet Anh,
This is our class' homework.

Food and drink
Man must eat in order to live; therefore, one of the most important problems man has is that of always being certain that he will have enough to eat when he needs it. From time immemorial he had the plains and animals for his food as he found them. He ate roots, seeds, berries, eggs, fruit, honey, and the meat of animals. Probaly the foods were not cooked or prepared in any special way.
Nowadays, however, the production of food and drink has become a technical and specialized process. There are so many kinds of food in stores and supermarkets. In addition, we can buy foods in cans, in boxes. In a restaurant, we can refer to the menu to order a meal. We can go t a cafeteria and choose the dish we like. Whenever we are hungry or thirsty, we can get hamburgers and soft drinks in a snack-bar or in a canteen.
Food and drink are both vital living. But we should always remember to take nourishing foodsuffs and refreshing drinks to keep us fit and healthy.

Your student
name: Hanh


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