TN02B_Mother is all my life_DUCDAMVAN_9thMARCH2011

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TN02B_Mother is all my life_DUCDAMVAN_9thMARCH2011

Bài gửi  ducdamvan tn02b 04081989 on Wed Mar 09, 2011 7:35 pm

Another day of March 8 and then again coming. Each year to the day my mother was an additional one year old. How day of March 8 has passed how much hair as my mother is slowly falling into white. Over time, I know what I get older. Oh! Mommy! Experiencing how bitter your life, but she is always with me, always carrying the shield. To never be who you are older, the child never took off flying towards new horizons ... And the self to ever walk on his own feet. Sweet mother dearly love forever by a lifetime. Whatever path I have chosen still know how arduous challenge, while many thorns, suffering, bitterness, then I always know and understand one thing: "MOTHER STILL OFFERS THE ME."
mother is the sage that he gave me heaven, she is the flower for the sun shines rays of hope for life. Mom! Mother is all my life. And Mom! I love you much, much more .... Mommy, is also coming day of March 8 and then, I wish her the best wishes. Always pray for her children to be happy ... I love you A lot
Who run with me on stumble upon
And a kiss on the seat fell to their pains
Who taught me the first lesson
That mother is my mother all

ducdamvan tn02b 04081989

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