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Student's name: Anh Cao Tuan

Class: TN02B

Hanoi, 11/ 03/ 2011

Dear Mr Viet Anh


In the past, I picked up a person who is younger brother of my friend to go to the park. He is so active and intelligent. He told a lot of his father and somethings which he and his father used to do. His father taught him how to do his homework, repair their house and memory drawer. It ts a drawer which contain a gift every day. If he had finished all his work before 6 p.m he would have been received it.
He had told somethings about his father for a long time. Then I take 2 chewing gum, one for him and other for me. We ate it together. After that, we continued told a lot of information about his family and saw the scenery around us. For a long time, he splited out his chewing gum. I saw that he seemd to try hard to find something. Then he keep chewing gun ground on his paints pocket.
I very surprised and cried aloud that: “Nam( his name), why did you do it?”. He seemed to afraid of me so he tried to seat as far as possible. Some minutes after that he spoke in a low voice: “It ts better than I threw it to the grass. In the last day, when I had gone to the park with my father, he had done like me”.
I didn’t speak more and more and I felt ashamed because of his action. I suddenly thought about the Singapore – a country which the chewing gum had been not used to since 1992. The singapore’s government decided to give up an exports in order to protect environment.
I looked at younger brother of my friend and the green park and I thought that: If all people in the world active like the boy and his father and any government take drastic measures like singapore’s goverment, our environment will be protect well, forever!Very Happy

Your student

Name: Anh Cao Tuan


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