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the family

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TN02B_Free topic: The family_Huyen Ngo Thi_ March 7, 2011
Dear Mr Viet Anh
Name’s student: Huyen Ngo Thi
Class: TN02B
Ha Noi March 7, 2011
The family

Everyone has their family and I have my family. It’s at which I was born, grew up, I get love from my nest, my hometown. So I had love for
my family, my hometown. Same as other VietNam’s family, there are my grandparents, my mother, my father, I and two younger sisters in my family. When I was young, my grandmother usually told me many fairy tales, gave me many songs and she made my childhood. My grandfather gave me some advices when I got trouble and he helped me mature. My parents always safeguarded me with all their love and hope. Until now and forever, I never forget the happy times that I lived with my family. I always miss and love them.

Your student

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