TN17C_HOMEWORK_VIVIAN_August, 09,2010

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TN17C_HOMEWORK_VIVIAN_August, 09,2010

Bài gửi  vivian on Mon Aug 09, 2010 9:56 am

Student’s name: Quynh Nguyen Thi Nhu
Class: TN 18c
Ha noi, 09/ 08/2010.

Dear Mr. Viet Anh
Have a nice day.
I send for you my homework

About of My self:
My first name’s Quynh. My last name’s Nguyen. I’m a last student in sociology department, in University of social science and humanity. I’m come from Bac Giang provice and now I live in Kim Giang precinct. My favourite is read joy story, listen to music, go a walk alone and special knit. I like all food, special sweet food: cake, ice- cream, chocolate, cokies…I like wearing jean, t’shirt, skirt. I love all animal special dog and cat. And my personality: friendly, jovial, lovely, patient, not careful… I’m singer and I think “ I’m walking in a boulevard and finding the man of my life”.

About of my family
There are two member in my family, mother and I. My mother is a match teacher in junior high school but she was retire three year ago.she’s 58 year old. She’s friendly, lovely, good natured and love so much. Now, we have a small house in Bac Giang and it’t always crowded by mamy animal. I love my family so much.

Your student
Quynh Nguyen Thi Nhu


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