ethnographic museum - linh tn02cn - 13/3/2011

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ethnographic museum - linh tn02cn - 13/3/2011

Bài gửi  linhtn02cn on Sun Mar 13, 2011 3:34 pm

I first visited ethnographic museum with my best friend when I was twenty year olds. Museum has two areas where are outdoor and indoor. The first I go visit outdoor area . Outdoor areas has many house of ethnographic. According to my memory, I remember, the hollow house has very long, very tall roof and the long house, oh! That is long and long. I and my friend went to long house. We took pictures to memory. On Ha Nhi house, we try on Kimono of Janpanese. What a beautiful girl!
Continuese, we went to paper regional. We learned how to make paper. This were menthod of Janpanese. It seemed easy but many new stages we can do it. We were happy because this was the first product. And we went to the place for worshipping the forest. Although we were afraid but we still surious.
Final, we went to indoor area. At the door, we can see mentioned tree. It’s very tall and small. In top of the tree has sightly. And now, I don’t understand why top of the tree has silghtly


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