TN02B_Human is weaker every day_DucDamVan_18thMarch2011

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TN02B_Human is weaker every day_DucDamVan_18thMarch2011

Bài gửi  ducdamvan tn02b 04081989 on Fri Mar 18, 2011 4:22 pm

The most important thing of human is healthy. When you are young, you may not believe that, but when you recognize, that seems too late.
In the past, when technology has not developed, human did there works almost by hands. They planted the trees, and havest them without any machine. It was the age of agriculture.
From XVIII century, when a revolution of industry breakout in England, workers who did with their hands were replaced by machine. Workers needed a smaller time to make more than products.
And now, in the age of IT, with a computer and internet, a person can communicate with others on over the world. People can earn money only by a click.
So why we are weaker every day? Let see 3 eras above, we can comment that: sedentary life is more and more popular, and people are in high risk of diseases such as cadiovascular diseases. Beside, the developing of industry is destroying there environment, exhaust fumes is polutting the air, and number of people who died from lung cancer increase each day. Stress, noise, dust and so on are others factors that can cause bad influence to our health.
Doing exercise gradually, having a healthy diet, and maintain healthy habits is the ways to cope with bad change which are caused by revolution.

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