The meaning of hug_danghung_TNB0953

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The meaning of hug_danghung_TNB0953

Bài gửi  dhung_tnb0953_14291 on Sat Oct 08, 2011 5:20 pm

Kind of depends on how long it lasts . Just a quick and polite hug is just that, polite. Oh, and the patting on the back, that is definately non-romantic. If he pats you on the back you might as well be his Aunt Liz.
A romantic hug will last just a little longer than it should and it will end when he leans back and puts both hands on your upper arms, just below your shoulders. That is the "oh baby" hug. If he does that, you've got him. He's yours!
Very few first hugs will be a romantic hug though. If he is really interested, the first hug will be somewhere between "Aunt Liz" and "oh baby". This one may end with him stepping back but leaving one arm around your waist or slightly rubbing your back vertically. This is the classic "whew, you are awesome, I can't believe you let me hug you" hug. That's when you look at him, smile slightly, and then look away. Powerful stuff!


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