TN 18A/Free topic: I am Huong/THU HUONG NGUYEN THI/2nd August 2010

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TN 18A/Free topic: I am Huong/THU HUONG NGUYEN THI/2nd August 2010

Bài gửi  Huong on Mon Aug 02, 2010 9:32 pm

Student's name: THU HUONG NGUYEN THI
Hanoi, August 2nd 2010

Dear Mr Vietanh,
This is my entry.
Hi everybody!
Today is Monday, a first day of a new week, with every body, the day is perhaps a beautiful day, but with me, I am feel tired.
In the morning, I go to my company by bus. I have bus-sick, so I feel not good when I go out from my bus. My head is hurt. After that, I work on my laptop to make my report to give my teacher tomorrow.
In the afternoon, I do not sleep as well as I usually do every day, I check my e-mail. Then, I go to the bank to sent money to my company's account at Saccombank. I buy something for contribution-workers. I go and go all day!
It is very hot and sunny, I feel tired. Perhaps, that is also relevant to my heath, I am weak.
In the evening, until 8h PM, I comeback home by bus. And my head is hurt again and I feel hungry. When I open my room, it is 9h o'clock and I only want to sleep. I have not eaten any thing.
Now, I am sorry to tell you that I can not write out anything interesting. With me, today is boring and I feel stress. I hope continued days will better. I feel I will have to give up something because I can not control everything as well as I hope. I am a weak girl not an ambitious girl.
Have a nice day.

Student's name: THU HUONG NGUYEN THI
TN 18A


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