FREE TOPIC : How can you keep fit?

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FREE TOPIC : How can you keep fit?

Bài gửi  hoangluawru on Mon Oct 18, 2010 9:02 pm

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Dear Mr Viet Anh!
Here is my free topic

The health is very important with our life. Many people said that " Having a good health is having every things". And the truth, if you haven't got a good health, you will not have perfect happiness in family, life and career. So that, It's necessary to keep your fit.
There are hundreds of thousands of way for you keep your fit. But in my opinion, you can notice some following point:
+ You should do morning exercises or play sport as ride bicycle in fresh air. Riding bicycle helps to reduces polluted environment too.
+ You should have a good diet, eat enough the nutriment. Always have breakfast ( The nutrionist proves that breakfast is the most important meal per day). You should have meal in time. The best time to have lunch is about 11am to 12am, and for dinner is about 6 to 7pm. You should eat less meat, especial beef, turkey, fork...and should eat a lot fruit and vegetable, salad, fish; should drink a lot water, about 1l to 2l per day. Don't smoke and drink strong wine.
+ You should breathe fresh air, away from polluted areas.
+ You should have sufficient sleep, at least 6 hours per day, not stay at late. I deal sleeping is about 11pm.
+ You shouldn't work too hard, reduce the pressure, prevent from stress.
+ You should keep yourself and your home, especially your room lean, tidy.
+ You should see the doctor regularly periodic examine.
If you want to live long, the most important thing is that you have to be always happy.
You should be more optimistic, cheerful, try to comfort all the time, always keep the smile on your lips. You can tell jokes, be funny.
You can get married earlier, love and be loved, devote to your happy, get a good job...
The winter is coming, you take care more for your health please! Be always strong!
Finally, I want to wish you guys all the best!
" Health to the sick, honour to the brave, success to the lover, and freedom to the slave" - the proverb of chinese.


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