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team-work. luong van anh

Bài gửi  luongvananh on Sun Oct 24, 2010 7:15 pm

Teams are important in modern business. Many companies want all their employees to be good at team-work and they want the CEO (Chief Executive Officer), directors and managers to be good at organizing team-work.
In traditional teams, people usually work for the same company. Sometimes, team members are from the same department and sometimes from different departments. Today, colleagues often work on international projects. It’s difficult for team-work to be effective without good communication, so companies need having good team leader. A good team leader usually organizes the team members and listens to their opinions. He/ She is carefully, active and special, he/ she is intelligent. And, a good team member helps to discuss different opinions and to do this in a polite way.
Today, modern technology helps members of the team to communicate. People use the internet, phones and video conferences to talk to each other when they are in different countries.
Some companies have teams that meet in unusual places. Companies build rooms for team-work so that these special teams can meet outside their normal office. The rooms look different from normal offices, for example painted in bright colours. Some managers think this helps teams to be creative and members in a team have lots of good idea.


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