TN15G_Free topic:_The sound of the happiness_Hong Nhung Pham Thi_November 4th 2010

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TN15G_Free topic:_The sound of the happiness_Hong Nhung Pham Thi_November 4th 2010

Bài gửi  hongnhungpham_15g on Thu Nov 04, 2010 5:11 pm

Student’s name: Hong Nhung Pham Thi
Class: TN15G
Ha Noi, November 4th 2010
Dear Mr Viet Anh

The sound of the happiness
Have you ever asked myself what you have done for the life and what the life brought about for you? And you think what is happiness? Is it vague or only imagined? It is very occult although you know but it is difficult to catch. Is it the taste of the love or the life?
For me, happiness is all simple and close things, it is very easy to understand. I can feel it by my all senses and now I want to talk about my happiness from the feeling of hearing. I’m happy because during my childhood I was woken up to go to school by my parents every morning. At that time, I felt that it was very horrible because it interrupted my nice dream, I compelled to get up early to go to school. But now, when I live away from my family, I very covet the call of my parents every morning. Happiness is when you listen the sounds that the cock crow at dawn, especially in time of review for the exam. I tried to sit up late or get up early learning to listen that the cock crow at dawn. The voice of the emcee on Xone FM every early morning “Good morning, good morning…” made my heart agitated and so happy!
My happiness is also the sound of telephone bell and dear voice of my parents, younger sister, close relatives, friends, teacher and the sounds of wind, rain… all make me my heart warm. I know the sound of everyday that contribute to the taste of the happiness and the life. I know it’s values and I’m trying to significantly live. And you?
Your student,


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