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TN15G_Free topic : The love box_Quyen Dang Thu_9th Nov 2010

Bài gửi  dtquyen_2010 on Tue Nov 09, 2010 4:50 pm

TN15G_Free topic : The love box_Quyen Dang Thu_9th Nov 2010
Dear Mr Viet Anh.
Student's name: Quyen Dang Thu
Class: TN15G
Ha Noi, 9th Nov 2010
The love box
The little daughter was berated by her father because of wasting many papers to cover a box. She cut the most beatifull papers to many pieces to stick around a box as a present. The box looks so nice and colourfull. Then, the littler girl gave the box to her father. He was so moved and hugged his daughter in amrs to sorry. He kissed her on her forehead and opened the present. One more time, he was very angry when looked at the empty box. The father thought his daughter would want to joke him, he berated her in the monment of anger. The litter daughter pulled her wry face and said in tears:'' It's not empty because I fulled it with my kisses for you!'' Looking the lovely daughter, the anger of the man seem to disappear. He hugged his child so close to feel fulling happiness in his heart.
Some days after, the litter daughter died in a car accident. The man was so painful that he thought that he couldn't continue to live without the littler daughter. He looked for the love box with kisses, and since that time, he never had leaved the box, even one time. Evertime he felt tired and sad, he opend the love box again and took out a kiss, remembered his littler daughter and smiled to pass the diffcult life.
What do you thing about this story?
Your student


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