TN15G_Free topic:_What is happiness?_Ba Cuong Phan_15th November 2010

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TN15G_Free topic:_What is happiness?_Ba Cuong Phan_15th November 2010

Bài gửi  phanbacuong on Mon Nov 15, 2010 8:36 pm

Student's name: Ba Cuong Phan
Class : TN15G
SC : TN109511
15th November 2010
Dear Mr. Viet Anh!
What is happiness?

Happiness can mean different things to different people. For example, for one person it may mean being in a relationship whereas for someone else it may mean feeling you have the ability to handle whatever life throws at you. While you might think that there are certain things that make you happy (or could make you happy if you had them), research has shown that there are certain common traits amongst happy people - and it isn't necessarily what you might have thought. What makes happy people happy?

You might think that happy people have lots of money, are physically attractive, have great jobs, or own the latest gadgets. Or, you might just think happy people are plain lucky and are born that way.Research suggests, however, that there are a number of variables that make a far greater contribution to happiness than external and superficial factors. That doesn't mean that if you have a lot of money you won't be happy- or that having a lot of money is bad, it just means that other factors are more important in determining happiness. In fact, a strong positive relationship between job status/income/wealth and happiness only exists for those who live below the poverty line and/or who are unemployed.What distinguishes happy people from the unhappy is their attitude - they have a different way of thinking about things and doing things. They interpret the world in a different way, and go about their lives in a different way.
Your student, Ba Cuong Phan.


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