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TN15G_Free topic: The love hand_Quyen Dang Thu_16th November 2010

Bài gửi  dtquyen_2010 on Tue Nov 16, 2010 4:35 pm

TN15G_Free topic: The love hand_Quyen Dang Thu_16th november 2010
Dear Mr Viet Anh.
Name's student: Quyen Dang Thu
Class: 15G
Ha Noi, 16th november 2010

The love hand.

One day, in draw class, the teacher asked her pupils to draw what they liked best. She thought they would draw a cat, a dog or some candies and smiled because of babies. But, she was very suprised at Marry's picture which drew a hand. The a pupil in her class said it was a famer hand because it was so big. The other suggested its was a doctor hand, the other suggested it was a mother hand. But, all ideas were not right. Waitting for the silence, the teacher aksed the little pupil: '' Marry, whose hand did you draw?'' And, the answer of the pupil made the teacher to be moved. '' That's your hand!''
Marry was the special pupil in draw class, she wasn't luck as others. Sine Marry was born, your face wasn't perfect as her friends. Marry rarely smlied and talked to other pupils in her class. That's is poor baby. The teacher usually took her hand and helped the little girl to join games with all class. Marry always remembered the teacher's hand. She impacted the love hand so much when she was a child, and sofar, the love hand is still her power to smile with eveyone.
Your student


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