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The job today

Bài gửi  huengothu tn02B 7021991 on Thu Mar 10, 2011 5:31 pm

TN02B-Free topic: Career- Hue Ngo Thi Thu- March 10, 2011
Dear Mr Viet Anh
Name’student: Hue Ngo Thi Thu
Class: TN02B
Ha Noi, March 10, 2011


Reality today is quite a lot you're new to discuss career issues. If you ask "Why choose a career in this? Engine What is your work?''Is
how you will respond. Sure most of you will be very embarrassing because you really can not define yourself is work, work from something. Some people choose a career as an emotional or select a stable job and dissemination, but do not understand it, not really interested in it. . Some unusual heed their families, their parents and choose a job just relived, which itself has a high salary, not where my talent. So please everyone is in such condition, please stop, take a moment to reflect ... You're working for money, for promotion or for the community? Whatever your motivation to do any kind of the three groups are also demanding passion, youth, health, wisdom, enthusiasm, skill and survival from it yourself. For me, really has selected a path for themselves. And I believe that I have enough love, confidence, courage to pursue it, though challenging to know ... can sometimes make me so down, depressed ... But some have said, "Life is like a marathon race. Whether a person falls, others will not be stopped but kept running to the goal." So hold on all of you ... Happy you much luck, success and always smile!

Your student


huengothu tn02B 7021991

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