TN18A-Free topic: Reading book-Nga Nguyen Thi-August 01, 2010

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TN18A-Free topic: Reading book-Nga Nguyen Thi-August 01, 2010

Bài gửi  nganguyen on Sun Aug 01, 2010 2:51 pm

Student’s name: Nguyen Thi Nga
Hanoi, August 01, 2010

Dear Mr Viet Anh,

Reading book
Reading book is a good habit. It is blessing if we have a reading habit because the advantages are many. We should be careful in selecting our reading material. If we choose the book correctly reading then it gives us a great pleasure.
Some books are meant for light reading, others are for serious reading. However, reading any book simply gives the reader pleasure and amusement. If you are tied or weary of the school-work or office-work. It is healthy to read a story book to relax our mind.
There are good books written by famous authors. We easy buy them in bookshops or in Libraries. The stories of well-known authors teach us morals, which we need to learn to become better.
There are many good books on literature, history, travel, science and religion. Choose the best book, which you think, is valuable to you.

Your student
Nguyen Thi Nga
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