TN02B Free topic : Swing shift jobs _ Quyen Dang Thu _ October 17th 2010

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TN02B Free topic : Swing shift jobs _ Quyen Dang Thu _ October 17th 2010

Bài gửi  dtquyen_2010 on Sun Oct 17, 2010 7:37 pm

TN02B Free topic: Swing shift bojs_Quyen Dang Thu_October 17th 2010
Student's Name: Quyen Dang Thu
Class: TN02B
Ha Noi, October 17th 2010
Dear Mr Viet Anh
Swing shift jobs.

What time usually do you start and finish your working day? And, how many hours do you work a day? Most people use from 5 hours to 9 hours to work at a workplace, usually from 7 a.m to 5 p.m. If you worked as a teacher, a worker, a doctor, a officer,... you would have to go to a shool, a factory, a hopital, a office,... on time at 7a.m, then deal with all your working and come back home about 5 p.m. The time start and finish work depends on each job or each company. You have 2 offdays at the weekend to relax after a buzy week. But some jobs start and finish at different time. People who work swing shift jobs can only work at the certant time a day as in the morning, in the affernoon or at night. For example, a guard can start very late at 7 p.m and last 5 a.m. Or, a worker of a material company, they work in the deparment by shifts. Nowaday, many people like to work flexi-time as swing shifts because they can do many works a day or it fits to thier schedule. Flexi-time is very convenient for woker because they can choose when they work. So, what do you like? Do you like wake up at 6 a.m to drive to work or lying at bed untill noon and start woking from 3 p.m to 2 a.m???

Your Student
Quyen Dang Thu


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