TN18A Free topic : What's happy?_ Quyen Nguyen Thi _ August 4th 2010

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TN18A Free topic : What's happy?_ Quyen Nguyen Thi _ August 4th 2010

Bài gửi  quyennguyen on Wed Aug 04, 2010 2:53 am

Student's name: Quyen Nguyen Thi
Class :18A
Hanoi, August 4th 2010

Dear Mr Vietanh

What's happy?

If some one say that " I'm unhappy " so it's certain that he will never be happy, althought he have everything which other persons always wish.
If you aks a person living in poverty that " are you happy " , he rely that " I always feel happy " , so he was really happy .

Thus, happiness merely is when you take a simple in away happiness by you. happiness doesn't exist in past or future, it's exist really if you catch today.

Happiness is not when you become a billioraire or famous' actor or happiness appear in unexpected things simple around yourlife.

Happiness is when you have some friends who is always joy if you laugh, wipe your tears when you crying and holding your hand as you fall.

Happiness is walking up every morning, we have one more day with the plan of the day, is not yesterday's regret and no worries for tomorrow,as hard as you live today.

Happiness is seeing children laugh and learn to speak, Happiness is when you with your mother cook meals for family and you are happier when loved ones in your family is happy.

Happiness is when you receve particular eyes, when your heart start love and love in a way sincere. Happiness is knowing that some one is thinking about you, some one miss you.

Happiness is when you are siting next the window looking at the rain and thinking about some one who make you laugh in a way happiness. happiness is when you listen to the lyrics songs or messaging with your friend at might night.

Ultimately, happiness is when you are reading the words , it means your body is strong health and good eyes, you are happier than hundred of handicapped people , many people don't go to school.

So you live well and do what can do this world more better.

Your student : Quyen Nguyen Thi


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